A little look into Jona Land

OK so here I am, one month shy 37 years old, wife, mother of a teen, with two rambunctious dogs, working 37 1/2 hours a week, keeping a functional household and trying to live a very simple life in a big city.

If I had to summarize myself in very short terms I would say that I am a loving wife, prayerful mom, minimalist, prepper, very low-waste, low toxins, healthy living coach, breastfeeding advocate, expert in decluttering and organization, impromptu animal rescuer, pro-choice for vaccinations and I stand tall and proud for what I believe in all the while respecting other families ways of living. These things all come together and make my life simply easier to focus on what matters.

I’m happy to share all of the aspects of my life and be very transparent as I start this blogging journey.

Interesting, maybe? Soon I will be uploading a break down of why and how I live like I do. It’s not always easy to live simple but it’s always worth it.

-Simply me,

Jona Marie

📸 June 29, 2019 @7am at my ma’s house in Lakeland, Florida, USA

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