Discovering minimalism and simplicity…

These two words are major components in my life and totally go hand-in-hand.

Flashback into 2013, age 31 I had a big health scare!! I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. It was my third Pap smear (annual preventative testing for the female reproductive organs) that came back irregular and had to be handled with a medical procedure. Unfortunately, in the same month I had just gone through a two-year relationship that ended in a breakup; not just my heart but my daughter’s being that she was at the tender age of 9.

This storm in my life rattled my very soul. I had to have surgery while under anesthesia. I had to clean up and remove everything that reminded me and my daughter of this person that walked out of our lives. Even though I was suffering both physically and mentally I had to begin to heal not only my heart but my daughter’s heart also.

I begin to search online on how to unclutter my mind. Ooooh my gosh did Pinterest set off a spark that lit the fire and opened me up to a world I have never known having grown up both my mom and stepdad being boarder line hoarders. Seeing post after post on decluttering and simplification of belongings, living with less, anti-consumerism, simply having less to maintain and all balled up with simpler parenting methods. Ahhhhh!! Eureka!! Where has this gold mine of information been all my life?!? Night after night after my daughter was ticked safely into her bed, I began reading for hours about how to achieve this picture in my head of how I wanted my home, my sanctuary from the world, to be. Down into the rabbit hole I fell… not knowing where it would lead me- but trusting the calmness the theory brought to my heart and soul.

Minimalism, at least in the home, is living with only the things that you need and love. Not just the necessities but also items that make your life comfy. Also meant getting rid of so much stuff. I started to look for books on the minimalist lifestyle and I found a book by Marie Kondo. I read this book for an hour every night. It took a few nights to get through and I thought should I read it again or just get on with her methods and put them to work. Just for reference Marie Kondo is a Japanese organization consultant and author of four popular books. “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” was a #1 New York Times bestseller. Kondo has also been named one of Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People.

When the weekend arrived, I thought to myself where do I start? I grabbed the book I had read, and Kondo gave precise instructions on starting with every piece of clothing that I own. How overwhelming! I got it all done in three hours. This sorting of every piece of clothing and pairs shoes that I owned ended in having eight black contractor bags to be dropped off at my local secondhand store and the rest of my stuff had to be folded in a specific way to fit in my drawers and closet all to be seen that one glance. I also cut up the 5 items that were not in good enough condition to be used a household cleaning rags. I can tell you this… This first journey into minimalism was a big eye-opener! In the end I had only kept 10 pairs of pants, 15 shirts, 3 well-fitting dresses and 8 hooded sweatshirts.

All I can say is WOW!! This process also continued with my daughter’s clothes and footwear. Much to my surprise she was awesome in learning the process and carrying out the job at hand.

The Weekend came and went, and we were exhausted! Her and I both loved the outcome of having absolutely conquered going through this process according to this precious; yet powerful, little book that I found.

As I went through the steps in the book or a whole house transformed within one month. It was a great distraction and bonding for both my daughter and me. All of a sudden, my life got a little simpler. And I couldn’t be happier with this journey. As I went through the steps in the book or a whole house transformed within one month. It was a great distraction and bonding for both my daughter and me. All of a sudden, my life got a little simpler. And I couldn’t be happier with this journey of minimizing and realizing what we really need to be joyful and comfortable in our home.

It now being 2019; we now do a major decluttering a few times a year because some house stuff just slips into the home. [Insert laugh here because I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about]!

Long story short learning to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and having a home that looks like a scene out of a simple living magazine has not only healed some very big wounds but also became a major part in learning to move on and rebuild. I couldn’t be happier that I took the time to read that little book.

I do suggest picking up Marie Kondo’s best-selling book and doing things exactly how she says because her methods have proven not only for our family but for many other people also- to be very life-changing. And lucky you; it’s 2019 and Kondo has a small video series on Netflix called “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”.

I promise you will not be dismayed with the process and setting the goal of living a more minimalistic life.


the child of acute hoarders,

Jona Marie

📸 …my uncluttered little kitchen 🍴